Safe Harbor for Migrants! Germany Is Mobilizing

Jul 5, 2018

Following the dozens of demos all across Germany two weeks ago, there is a serious movement happening to support fair and humane immigration policies against a rising tide of draconian measures against migrants seeking a better life in Europe.

The Coalition Berlin stands in solidarity with everyone fighting to save lives at sea. Migration is not a crime!

Events and demonstrations are ongoing! Check this page for the latest actions in your area.

On the heels of our demo to keep migrant families together in the United States and end family detention, here in Germany the fight over immigrant rights has taken a serious turn for the worse.

Over the weekend the CSU chair Horst Seehofer threatened to take down the government in his push for more draconian immigration policies at the German border and in Europe overall — and his gambit seems to have been successful.

Now the talk is of border camps for migrants fleeing war and violence in their home countries. Meanwhile, rescue boats doing the dangerous work of saving migrants at sea are being turned away from ports, while literally hundreds of people are believed drowned in the Mediterranean, victims of not only unscrupulous pirates at the borders but also a cold-hearted Europe that would rather see desperate migrant families die than lend a hand.

This situation is untenable. More families and children will be lost unless Europe comes together and opens its doors for real.

Join us with allies Seebrücke – Schafft sichere Häfen this Saturday, July 7 from 13:00 16:00 at Neptunbrunnen in Berlin for a demonstration to show the government that we’re not interested in more political games. Peoples’ lives are at stake!

To let migrants die in the Mediterranean Sea with the goal of advancing Europe’s isolation and enabling regional political power struggles is unacceptable and goes against our humanity.

Migration is and has always been part of global society! Instead of closing borders, we need an open Europe, solidarity cities and safe havens.

Germany’s Seehofer, Italy’s Salvini, and Austria’s Kurz are taking advantage of the plight of migrants on the high seas for their own power struggles. In doing so, they are trampling on international human rights. This is unacceptable and also disgusting!

Many migrants who were critically ill on the rescue boat “Lifeline” as well as people on other rescue ships previously were forced to suffer days on end at sea until the social pressure became so great that Seehofer and his colleagues could not help but allow “Lifeline” to come to port. At that time, several cities and countries had already offered to take people from “Lifeline.”

But instead of recognizing the solidarity for migrants among the populace, Seehofer continues to push for the criminalization of maritime rescue efforts. In fact, Seehofer is bringing the crew of the “Lifeline” to court.

In these minutes, hours and days, boats filled with migrants continue to sail from Libya’s ports, and these people will not be helped because of the situation we find ourselves in now: not a single rescue ship sails now on the Mediterranean.

This means: Every day hundreds of people will die on their way to Europe. This is an incredible humanitarian catastrophe that we need to prevent.

Seehofer’s plan is that rescue ships are no longer allowed to sail. We want the opposite: not fewer rescues but more!

Menschen auf dem Mittelmeer sterben zu lassen, um die Abschottung Europas weiter voranzubringen und politische Machtkämpfe auszutragen, ist unerträglich und spricht gegen jegliche Humanität.

Migration ist und war schon immer Teil unserer Gesellschaft! Statt dass die Grenzen dicht gemacht werden, brauchen wir ein offenes Europa, solidarische Städte, und sichere Häfen.

Seehofer, Salvini, und Kurz nutzen die Not von Menschen auf hoher See aus um ihre eigenen Machtkämpfe auszutragen. Sie treten damit internationale Menschenrechte mit Füßen. Das ist unerträglich und widerwärtig.

Viele schwerkranke Menschen auf der Lifeline und schon auf anderen Schiffen vorher mussten tagelang auf hoher See ausharren, bis der gesellschaftliche Druck so groß wurde, dass Seehofer und Konsorten nicht mehr anders konnten, als die Lifeline anlegen zu lassen. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatten bereits mehrere Städte und Länder angeboten, die Menschen auf der Lifeline aufzunehmen.

Doch statt die Solidarität innerhalb der Bevölkerung anzuerkennen, versucht Seehofer immer weiter Seenotrettung zu kriminalisieren. Die Crew der Lifeline wird nun von Seehofer vor Gericht gestellt.

In diesen Minuten, Stunden, und Tagen laufen weiterhin Boote aus den Häfen Libyens aus und die Menschen darauf werden keine Hilfe erhalten, denn aufgrund der angespannten Situation ist kein einziges Rettungsschiff mehr auf dem Mittelmeer.

Das heißt: Jeden Tag sterben hunderte Menschen auf dem Weg nach Europa. Das ist eine unfassbare humanitäre Katastrophe, die verhindert werden muss.

Seehofers Plan ist es, dass keine Schiffe mehr auslaufen können.
Wir wollen genau das Gegenteil: Nicht weniger Rettung, sondern viel viel mehr!

the coalition berlin