International Women's Day, Every Day

On 8 March, some 10,000 people took to the streets in Berlin for Frauen*kampftag, or International Women’s Day. The Coalition was there too, with banner and signs, showing solidarity for some of the more pressing issues facing women today.

Irish women continue to fight for abortion rights and to #RepealThe8th, while Polish women inspire with their #CzarnyProtest and calls to the conservative government to respect women’s rights. Turkish women’s rights groups were out in force; many, including The Coalition, expressed frustration with the #GlobalGagRule and call on European countries to increase funding to groups helping women in need.

Yet Women’s Day needs to be every day, as the fight for equal rights is far from over. On this page you’ll find inspiring stories of women who continue to fight, and learn how you too can take part. Join us on 20 March to hear how the far right is attacking women’s rights across the globe — and why resistance needs to be internationalized if we are to win. Mach mit!

Good sources for further reading

A Short Call To Action from Womankind: Moving Mountains

Play Suffragette Roulette! Will you take on the patriarchy on your way into politics? A blog by Anne Wizorek, initiator of #aufschrei A network of feminist movements, includes a calendar of activities

A European (Muslim) Ban?

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that employers may ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols. With ever more far-right politicians reaching for the reins of power and public opinion increasingly obsessed with a nonexistent “invasion” of immigrants, Europe’s stamp on discrimination is just what European society needs.

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Writers, Women, Rebels

Considering the scores of remarkable people across the ages who have fought for women’s rights, Coalition member Acy picks three women whose artistic works fill her with passion and enthusiasm every time she experiences them.

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Why Should I Go?

Jara Nassar explains to a friend why Women’s Day is today — more than ever — important, sharing just a few of the stories of women, forgotten or actively erased from history, just because they were female.

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