One Year of #Resistance Stammtisch

Jan 7, 2018

That “stable genius” is still in the White House. The AfD, a racist, far-right party, is seated in the Bundestag. There is a lot of work for the #resistance in 2018, but we can’t do it without you.

Come join allies for beer and political talk on Thursday, January 25 at Cafe Plume. Everyone is welcome!

The Coalition Berlin Stammtisch

Thursday, January 25 from 19:00 to 21:00

Cafe Plume, Warthestrasse 60, 12051 Berlin

This time last year, we were planning our first action against Donald Trump. One year of resistance has passed, and there’s no question there’s still much work to be done.

With the AfD in the Bundestag and Trump in office, the fight against the far-right will continue in 2018. Yet with the solidarity and strength of allies and friends across the world, this is a fight that we are certain to win.

The Coalition Berlin is grateful to everyone who has come out to a rally, made a poster or sign, marched in cold weather, written a postcard or letter, and shared their energy, their fears, and their passions with us in 2017.

You are The Coalition Berlin, and this is why you should be proud : 

You made headlines around the world in January when you — with thousands of others in Berlin — marched against Trump’s inauguration. You took to the streets again to protest the illegal Muslim Banin February.

You put on your finest to celebrate the 99% while telling Ivanka Trump what she could do with her “feminism” in April. You traveled to Hamburg in May to show the world that the illiberal policies of the G20 do not represent the people.

You showed solidarity with allies in the U.S. after the events in Charlottesville in August. You came out in the rain to tell Nigel Farage (and his AfD hosts) he wasn’t welcome in Berlin in September.

You traveled to Hannover to show that the AfD’s policies of hate and move further to the far-right will not be normalized in December.

Take care of you and yours this holiday season and get ready for 2018. Solidarity is how we win.