Nigel Farage Supports AfD Hate: We Say NO! Gegendemo Friday

Sep 7, 2017

Nigel Farage (UKIP, the architect of “Brexit”) and Beatrix von Storch (Berlin AfD) — two of Europe’s biggest anti-immigrant demagogues — will be speaking together on Friday, September 8.

The AfD wants to follow in Farage’s hate-filled, divisive footsteps, saying they hope to make the “impossible possible” in the upcoming German elections. We say NO, NEIN to their hatred, lies, and their blatant racism!

Come together and show these clowns that we’re the stronger side. Solidarity is how we win!

We’ll meet at Hermannplatz (U7) at 13:00 and travel together to Zitadelle Spandau by 14:00.

No racists in Berlin!

Time for action! Zeit zu handeln!

Facebook invite HERE — please share widely! Bitte teilen!

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