16 March

Twitter Campaign to #DivestDAPL in concert with international allies

In cooperation with activists in other European cities, the Coalition will call on @DeutscheBank and other European banks to divest completely from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Want to help? Join our Twitter action on 16 March! Tweet your concerns to @DeutscheBank all day (or share some of our pre-written tweets here

The fight isn’t over. Our partners Wasser ist Leben will be updating their website with information on more ways you can call on Deutsche Bank to divest. Watch this space: https://wasseristlebenberlin.wordpress.com/


18 March 12:00

Solidarity with Refugees: Demo at Schönefeld Airport –  Fight Muslim Ban #2 by Solidarity with Refugees in Berlin

The Coalition will join many refugee rights groups and refugees themselves at Schönefeld at 12:00 on Saturday, to protest Europe’s broken migration system and call on Berlin to do more to help those seeking a better life in Germany. The Coalition’s own Anna Castoldi will speak on Trump’s new #MuslimBan. The demo starts at the end of the covered walkway near Terminal B.

**If you are interested in helping refugees who might not have the money for an ABC ticket get to the demo, at 11:00 some Coalition members will also be meeting in front of McDonalds in the Ostkreuz station, and then travel to Schönefeld together. Facebook event

20 March 18:30
Fighting the Far Right Surge: Women’s Rights Now!Join The Coalition as we host activists from Ireland, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. We’ll hear about the specific struggles taking place in each country, from the “Black Monday” protest of Polish women to overturn the abortion ban, the struggle to legalize abortion in Ireland through the repeal of the Eighth Amendment, defending Muslim women in Germany, and the experience of women of color in Europe.
We must internationalize our resistance.
Facebook event here.

Two new workgroups for the Coalition:

  1. Formulate Response to the EJC decision to allow firms to fire women that decide to wear a headscarf: News story here. To join – reach out to info@the-coalition.berlin

  2. Working group on Turkey: To join – reach out to info@the-coalition.berlin

Women’s Day Article Series by Anna and Jara: Check out a series of women’s day centric articles that Anna and Jara are putting out on the website:

Let’s Be Bold

The Three Feminists I Look Up To

Get Involved on Semaphor!: If you have ideas of things you’d like to do or want to jump into the action for currently planned events – please reach out to info@the-coalition.berlin to get added to our semaphor team!


Can’t make those? Mark your calendar:

** Wednesday 29.3 18:30-21:30 No to Trump – No to Racism: Konzert – More info here

** Thursday 30.3 19:00-21:00 The Coalition General Meeting – More info soon

** Tuesday 11.4 20:00-22:00 The Coalition – Berlin Activist Stammtisch


Events from Coalition Participants:


Friday 17.3

1) Konservativer Rollback? Mit uns nicht! – Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung

Time: 18:00-23:30

Where: Vierte Welt @ Adalbertstr. 96, 10999 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Saturday 18.3

1) AFD not welcome in Berlin – Demo

Time: 9:00-17:00

Where: Mitte

More info here

2) Die NSU-Monologe mit Übersetzung in die DGS – Bühne Für Menschenrechte

Time: 17:30-22:00

Where: Heimathafen Neukölln @ Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Sunday 19.3

1) Pulse of Europe – Zeichen setzen für die Zukunft Europas

Time: 16:00-18:00

Where: Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin

More info here

2) HerStory – Storytelling Abend – ’21 Day of Resistence ‘ @ JugendtheaterBüro Berlin

Time: 18:00-20:30

Where: JugendtheaterBüro Berlin / Theater X @ Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Tuesday 21.3

1) Die Asyl- Monologue – Actors for Human Rights Documentary Theater

Time: 19:30-21:30

Where: Heimathafen Neukölln @ Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Wednesday 22.3

1) Echoes – Film screening and discussion – ’21 Days of Resistance’ @ JugendtheaterBüro Berlin

Time: 19:00-22:00

Where: JugendtheaterBüro Berlin / Theater X  @ Wiclefstraße 32, 10551 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Thursday 23.3

1) “The Awakening” mit K.E und der Rap Combo KAGE – ’21 Days of Resistance’ @ JungendtheaterBüro

Time: 16:30-20:30

Where: Theater X @ Wiclefstr. 32, 10551 Berlin

More info here

2) Die Asyl-Dialoge – Bühne Für Menschenrechte

Time: 19:30-22:00

Where: Heimathafen Neukölln @ Karl-Marx-Straße 141, 12043 Berlin, Germany

More info here


Can’t make those? Mark your calendar:

** Saturday 25.3 15:00-18:00 Antifaschistische Demonstration – Kein Ort Für Nazis  

** Saturday 25.3 19:30-22:00 Die Asyl-Dialoge – Bühne Für Menschenrechte – More info here

** Monday 27.3 19:00-21:00 G20 Protest in Hamburg- Discussion with a Die Linke Organizer – More info here

** Tuesday 28.3 17:00-20:30 Fortbildung: Einführung ins Asylrecht Infoveranstaltung für ehrenamtliche Initiativen und HelferInnen – More info here

** Tuesday 28.3 19:00-20:30 March Jacobin Reading Group – UBI vs Full Employment – More info here

** Monday 3.4 17:00-20:30 Fortbuildung: Arbeitsmarkt- und Ausbildungszugang für Geflüchtete ür ehrenamtliche Initiativen und HelferInnen – More info here

** Thursday 6.4 20:00-22:00 American Voices Abroad Berlin Stammtisch with Sarah von Gelder – More info here

** Saturday 22.4 13:00-16:00 March for Science Berlin – More info here

** Monday 24.4 19:00-21:00 Turkey after the Referendum – talk with Erkin Erdogan, co-speaker HDP/HDK Berlin-Brandenburg – More info here

** Monday 22.5 19:00-21:00 Not just the West – Elections and neo-liberalism in Serbia with Anja Ilic – More info here


The Week’s News Wrap Up by Jara:

AFD Platform Announced – Forced Emigration and Climate Change Denial  On Thursday, the AfD introduced her program for the election in September. It will be decided upon at the Parteitag in Köln on the 22. of April. The demands include a “negative immigration” of at least 200000 people a year, exit from the European Union, and exit from all organisations concerning climate change. Full Story

Wilkers Failed!! –  The Netherlands have voted for their new parliament on Wednesday. Full Story

New US Health Plan Covers No Mental Health – The Trump administration admitted that patients with mental health problems will not be covered by the planned insurance system. Full Story

Right-wing Terrorists Sentenced to Jail in Bavaria -The Bavarian High Court sentenced several members of the right-wing-terrorist “Old School Society” to jail for planning terrorist actions. It is probably the first terrorist organisation which was founded by WhatsApp. Full Story


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