Meet The Coalition

Introducing The Coalition Berlin

On January 20, Donald Trump — following a hate-filled campaign in which he demonized Muslims, mocked people with special needs and called immigrants “criminals” and “rapists” — was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

His victory was a wake-up call to many people around the globe concerned about the rising tide of far-right extremism in society.

We are concerned individuals, with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and nationalities, who have come together in Berlin to build a social movement to resist Trump and opportunists like him who attack the weakest in society to build political power.

Across Europe and around the world, far-right parties are making gains and threatening our most basic human rights.

Now is the time to come together and resist.

We oppose the scapegoating of immigrants and refugees, and the use of nationalism to divide society into “us” versus “them.” We believe that no human being is illegal.

We condemn the persistent attacks on workers’ rights and trade unions, and the prioritization of profits over people.

We denounce rising militarism across the globe and the reckless attitude of those in government toward the use of military power.

We will not continue “business as usual” as climate change endangers vulnerable populations and environmental protections are weakened.

There is no time to lose.

We will speak up against injustice and oppression wherever it occurs. We do not accept a world in which hate is used as a weapon and diversity seen as a threat.

This is a movement in which everyone is welcome, because everyone is needed. We believe that solidarity is the way to win.

Welcome to The Coalition Berlin.

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