Thank You Berlin! Thousands say NO to AfD Hate

Apr 25, 2018

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out last weekend to say NO to hate and NO to the AfD!

Although the “official” numbers from the many, many counterdemos ranged from 25,000 to over 70,000 — WOW — the message was clear: Berlin has no time for far-right hate and if they keep coming, we’ll just keep showing them the door.

Here are some images from the counterprotests on May 27. Berliners, ihr seid toll! DANKE EUCH!

Photo credits: Sinéad Aldridge, Lucian Busse, Phil Butland, Kate Cahoon, DJ Lars, Richard Fährmann, Michael Ferschke,Hossam el-Hamalawy, Doris Hammer, Falk Hermenau, Dounia Mahfoufi, Yonatan Miller, Mai Shutta,Thomas Weiß, Mark Whiley and Franziska Wöckel, Bridget Anderson

Still smarting from the last time they tried to march in Berlin, the AfD is now planning to bus supporters from all over Germany to Berlin on May 27 for a march — one in which they say they’ll put more than 10,000 supporters on the streets.


We call on all international activists to come together in a show of solidarity with our German anti-fascist allies and say NO to the AfD and their policies of hate.

Regardless of which country you are from or where you call home, we need to stand together against far-right aggression — because even the smallest victories gives hope to other far-right parties and supporters around the world, whether in the United States, in Hungary, in Poland, in Turkey, or even here in Germany.

Join us on May 27!

On Sunday, May 27, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) wants to march through Berlin.

This racist, hateful horde has told local media that they expect more than 10,000 supporters from across Germany to mobilize for this demo.

Make no mistake — this demo is a direct provocation, one that needs to be countered!

The policies of the AfD and the actions of its members are an affront to everyone who believes and fights daily for a world that is multicultural, fair and open to everyone.

What can you do about it? Get ACTIVE

We call on all international activists in Berlin to show solidarity with our German allies in the anti-fascist fight and to demonstrate on May 27.

Our strength is in our numbers — we are FAR MORE than they — and solidarity is how we win.

Am 27. Mai will die AfD eine Großdemonstration in Berlin durchführen.

Die rechte Partei kündigte an, Teilnehmer*innen in fünfstelliger Zahl aus dem ganzen Bundesgebiet in unsere Stadt zu mobilisieren. Das ist eine Provokation für uns alle, die wir nicht hinnehmen !

Die AfD ist ein Angriff auf die solidarische und weltoffene Gesellschaft, für die wir tagtäglich streiten ! ABER: Die Hetzer*innen der AfD sind in der Minderheit.

Lasst uns geschlossen stehen und ihnen zeigen, dass wir ihre menschenverachtenden Positionen nicht unwidersprochen hinnehmen !

Was kannst Du selber tun? Sei DABEI mit uns !

Wir rufen alle internationale Aktivist*innen an, zusammen zu kommen und solidarisch zu werden am 27. Mai.

Wir sind die MEHRHEIT ! Komm zahlreich !

the coalition berlin