25. April 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Unter den Linden 13/15
Gala für Alle

No to Ivanka Trump, the W20, and the feminism of the 1%!


As part of the G20 meetings in Germany, the Women’s Empowerment Summit (W20) will meet in Berlin April 24-26. The W20 represents the interests of the women of the global 1%, who seek to enter into the spoils of capital. But the “empowerment” of these women comes at our expense. This is exemplified by the presence of Ivanka Trump at the W20, who benefits from her father’s business and political empire, yet remains silent while he cuts funding for women’s healthcare, scapegoats immigrants, bans refugees, and bombs the Middle East.


The capstone event of the W20 is their Gala evening on April 25, hosted by Deutsche Bank. This is a cynical attempt by Deutsche Bank to pinkwash their history: Deutsche Bank was a major force in the 2008 financial crisis and consequent world economic suffering, which disproportionately affected women and vulnerable populations. Further, Deutsche Bank is a tertiary funder in the Dakota Access Pipeline, which directly threatens indigenous sovereignty in South Dakota.


Yes to a Gala für Alle!


In response, Berlin activists will organize our own Gala to highlight the hypocrisy and decadence of the W20. These powerful women gather and feast as global inequality, refugee displacement, and environmental destruction hit record levels.


We will satirize and mock the grotesque nature of their Gala, by wearing our finest as we sing, dance, and protest. Our Gala für Alle is open to all people as an expression of creativity and true democracy, in contrast to the exclusive and unaccountable club of the 1%.