15. September 2018 all-day
Berlin-Lichtenberg station Berlin, Germany
 Lambda Szczecin
Berlin travels together for the 1st Stettin Pride Festival @ Berlin-Lichtenberg station Berlin, Germany

The LGBTQ+ group Lambda Szczecin is organizing the 1. Marsz Równości w Szczecinie // Szczecin Pride Festival, 2 hours drive/train ride from Berlin. It would be great to have a group of people coming together from Berlin to support this event and Stettin’s queer community. Brandenburg group ticket costs 29 EUR for 5 people (22 EUR in the evening). Lambda offers help in organizing the stay, there are also some free accommodation possibilities; but since it is so close, it is also possible to come back to Berlin on the same day.

I will be going by train from Berlin-Lichtenberg at 9:33 (arriving in Stettin 11:39) so feel free to join me. You can also use this event page to organize car rides etc. Also Flixbus is going on this route. The event starts at noon with a picnic in Ogród Kany and the march is starting at 2pm at plac Solidarności. You can look up the route and other details here: 1. Marsz Równości w Szczecinie // Szczecin Pride Festival.

Return trains on the same day are going at 17:23, 19:51, 20:20, 21:10.

It has to be said that Poland is not the safest place these days for anyone who doesn’t fit into a narrow definition of a cis white heteronormative Polish person. Some right-wing counter demonstrations are to be expected. So stay safe & don’t walk around alone.

Contact to Lambda Szczecin: love@lambda.szczecin.pl

Some background infos:
“It’s difficult to believe that in 2018, just behind the border, LGBTQ+ people face so many problems from government, omnipotentious church, and huge part of society.
There are no same sex couple legal civil unions in Poland; trans people, to make a transition need to sue to court their parents who can block the permission (even if TS person is of age… even being 50+), and goverment gives prizes and support to institutions who perform “reparative therapy”.
Asked “should homosexuality be accepted” in 2013 46% Poles answered “NO” (and 42% – yes; in Germany 80% yes) and the result was worse then in previous survey of 2009. It was also worst in EU, 2nd worst in Europe, after Russia.
Now it gets even worse, as the ruling party “Law and Justice” (“PiS”), far-right populists strictly connected with Catholic Church, push a lot of anti-gay propaganda using public media, where LGBTQ+ people are called “perverts” and pride marches – “fight against family”.
In such an environment we organize our Pride for the first time in Stettin. We kindly ask you for help:
– your presence
– samba drums players team, if you know of any – local group does not want to support us – we provide accommodation for such a team and cover transport costs
– financial support (last week the grant we counted on has been denied so we seek for any donations, even 10€ mean to us (they have much more purchasing power in Poland anyway) –> donate here: https://lambda.szczecin.pl/wesprzyj-nas/
– spreading the word – if you have web page, social media profile, newsletter, please inform your members and supporters.”