The Coalition Statement on US Bombing in Syria

Apr 15, 2017

In response to the American missile strike on Shayrat Air Base in Syria:

While we condemn Bashar al Assad’s continued and brutal assault against his own people, including strikes against vital civilian infrastructure like hospitals, and attacks using deadly chemical weapons, we cannot endorse the violent escalation of interstate hostilities perpetrated by the United States Government in its direct attack on Syrian government forces.

Opposition to the war in Iraq was not a defense of the brutality of Saddam Hussein’s regime, but a condemnation of an ill-advised American intervention. As predicted by activists then, the Iraqi people suffered while the region was destabilized and made a haven for terrorists. There is no evidence to suggest that continued intervention in Syria will end any differently.

The Trump Administration’s missile strike in Syria is the latest iteration of a long fought proxy war between imperialist states, in this case the United States and the Russian Federation. This, and other, proxy wars must not be allowed to violently manifest themselves in other volatile regions of the globe, like the Korean Peninsula. None of the competing aggressors in Syria are truly interested in lasting peace and freedom for the people of Syria — instead they are advocates their own violent agendas.

The strike is also intended to create a new spectacle and a distraction from the Trump administration’s domestic policy failures and abysmal approval ratings. This tactic, while not new, exhibits a deplorable indifference to human life.

We reject the pretext that this strike was made in the name of humanitarianism. The Trump Administration has already demonstrated its disregard for the victims of this war, by attempting to ban the entry of Syrian refugees, among others, to the United States.

We do not welcome the expansion of US involvement in the war in Syria. It brings nothing other than further death and destruction. As part of the peace movement this is an affront which we cannot bear.

The Coalition Berlin

the coalition berlin