My Body, My Choice: Demo Sept 16

Aug 29, 2017

The Coalition Berlin supports the work of the Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung and supports the call for a counterdemo on September 16 — sexual self-determination is a human right!

Why September 16? On this day, the Christian fundamentalist “March for Life” also will take place. The people taking part in this demo are not just anti-choice but intolerant of what they see as “deviations” from sexual “normality.” They are no friends to LGBTQIA, and they are no friends to feminists seeking equal protection under the law, equal pay in the boardroom and equal rights in the bedroom.

In short, their politics are a throwback and their attitudes abhorrent. We say no to intolerance, and no to repression!

Join us on September 16! (This demo will also cross paths with We’ll Come United — yes, you can do both!)