Families Belong Together! What You Can Do To Help

Thank you to everyone who came out on June 30. Yet our fight’s not over, not until every child is reunited with their parents and not until every detention facility is shut down. We can do this together! Here are ways you can make your voice heard.

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Safe Harbor for Migrants! Germany Is Mobilizing

Migration politics in Germany is reaching again a crisis point. In addition to detention camps planned at the border, rescue boats are being turned away from ports and are being charged as criminals for the act of rescuing people at sea. Actions are ongoing across Germany — check here to find one near you.

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We are organizations and individuals, with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and nationalities, who have come together in the spirit of solidarity to push back against the rising tide of far-right politics and extremism around the globe.

Wir sind Organisationen und Einzelpersonen mit unterschiedlichen Hintergründen, Perspektiven und Nationalitäten, die im Geiste der Solidarität zusammengekommen sind, um gegen die aufsteigende Flut von rechtsextremer Politik und Extremismus rund um den Globus zurückzukehren.